Milo’s…Quality food since 1946!  Milo Carlton, after serving in the Food Service Division of the National Guard, opened Milo’s Hamburgers April 16, 1946.

The special sauce, which made the Milo’s hamburger famous, was perfected over time.  According to Milo, the customers developed the sauce used today.  “The customers would tell me it was too hot or too sweet and the next time I made it I would change it by what they had been telling me.  When they started telling me to put a lot of that sauce on their burgers I knew I had it just right.
Milo attributed his success in the hamburgers business to always serving a quality product.  The special sauce he developed is his signature on every Milo’s hamburgers and it is what make Milo’s Hamburgers unique.
In 1983 Dean Chitwood opened the first Milo’s franchise in the Southside area, near the University of Alabama Birmingham, UAB, on February 7, 1983. The first day Milo’s opened at UAB, customers were lined up, out the door and down the street.  Dean’s commitment to quality and the core menu of hamburgers covered with Milo’s secret sauce, seasoned fries, and sweet tea was the springboard to rapid growth.  Since 1983 Dean has pioneered the establishment of multiple restaurants in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa area.  His attention to detail is reflected in sparkling clean restaurants, well trained friendly employees and consistently delicious food.
While the core menu has never changed in recent years there have been several additions to the menu.  Home style chicken tenders, grilled chicken sandwiches, Milo’s pies, and Milkshakes have become customer favorites, but the Milo’s Hamburgers is still the biggest star on the menu.
Milo’s is one of Birmingham’s treasures.  They are a fabric of the community and have the most passionate and loyal customers in the restaurant business.